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Xerox believes in working and doing business with a richly diverse base of employees, customers, and vendors; which is why hundreds of women who work here support each other’s professional and social development through The Women’s Alliance.

Xerox is recognized as one of the most progressive companies in the world. We’ve received exceptional praise and numerous awards for building and maintaining a diverse, inclusive corporate culture. The Women’s Alliance is part of that. And you can be, too.

Since 1984, women at Xerox have joined hands in The Women’s Alliance to share ideas and support one another’s professional growth. In that time, the group has grown exponentially. It’s part of our vision for a richly diverse workforce matched only by our determination to do business with women- and minority-owned firms, a purpose for which we’re recognized as one of the most progressive corporations in the world.

Each year, hundreds of women from the company meet for networking, study, and camaraderie at our Annual International Women’s Conference. This signature event is a culmination of local and national activities that take place throughout the year.

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The support we have received from individuals, organizations, and sponsors has played a significant role in our strength and success. We owe sincere thanks for all who have contributed to our success.

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