November 14, 2013 @ 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm
WebEx/Conf Call in 8*404-4000/Toll-free:1-8002684017, Participant Code: 442 649 2596
Kelli Morgan/Sandrine Lichy8*540-5888/847-928-5888E-mail

Blackberry users Main dial in – 18002684017×4426492596#

Go to https://xerox.webex.com/xerox/j.php?J=746456102

TWA Webinars presents
Xerox University Series
“Quality in a Changing Xerox” With Joyce Geier,
Director, Lean Six Sigma & Business Transformation, Competency Development

Want to know more about the Quality Strategy within Xerox?
How is Xerox’s quality approach changing?
Do you want to pursue training achieve a Quality “Belt”?
How do you get started?
Join our webinar to get your questions answered.

Please forward this meeting notice to others who might be interested in joining TWA as a member.

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This webinar will be recorded and shared when available after the call.
Kelli Morgan and Sandrine Lichy
TWA Webinars Co Chairs
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• www.TheWomensAlliance.net
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Attendee access code: 442 649 2596

Intelnet 8*404-4000
-ALWAYS use Intelnet 8*404-4000 from Xerox locations
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