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The Women's Alliance - About Us

The Women’s Alliance.

Since 1984.


For more than three decades, women at Xerox have joined hands in The Women’s Alliance to share ideas and support one another’s professional growth.

  • In that time, the group has grown exponentially.
  • It’s part of our vision for a richly diverse workforce.
  • A purpose for which we’re recognized as one of the most progressive corporations in the world.
  • Hundreds of women from all over the company meet each year for networking, study and camaraderie at our Annual Women’s Conference.

Our Vision

Women at Xerox are represented, recognized and valued at all levels of the corporation for their contributions and leadership.

Our Mission

The Women’s Alliance is a catalyst to advance the personal and professional development of women at Xerox, enabling each of us to attain our goals.

The Women's Alliance Founders Video

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