About the Program

The Women’s Alliance goal is to provide webinars on various topics to enrich our membership’s knowledge in the areas of Professional and Personal Growth, Mentoring, Personal Finance, Health and Cultural Awareness.  Our Executive Series webinars help us to learn from our leaders and get to know them a little more.  Xerox University webinars highlight training, websites and different organizations to expand our knowledge of Xerox resources.

Webinars are a benefit of membership but can be shared to entice new members to join us to grow our overall membership.

How You Can Get involved

  • Send us ideas for speakers and topics that interest you.
  • Share information you know or find on topics pertaining to women.
  • Reach out to Xerox women in other countries.
  • Encourage others to join TWA.

Contact one of TWA Webinar Team Co-Chairs,  Michelle Dalton, Devon Donatello or Karen Serrano  to learn more about this exciting program and/or joining our TWA Webinar Team!

2021 Webinars (Recordings may require S3)

2020 Webinars - (May require S3)

2019 Webinars - (May require S3)

2018 Webinars - (May require S3)

2016 Webinars - Women Supporting Women (May require S3)

2015 Webinars - Playing Big (May require S3)

2014 Webinars - Stronger Together! (May require S3 for replay videos)

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