Mentorship Program

About the Program

The Women’s Alliance offers a mentorship program as a way to continue its focus on the professional and personal growth of its members. This program is facilitated by a web-based tool where mentees enter their preferences for their ideal mentor’s attributes and areas of expertise and receive a list of potential mentors. The mentee then establishes and maintains a relationship with their mentor of choice.


The mentee is expected to:

  • Come prepared to every meeting with mentor
  • Ask questions
  • Accept criticism graciously
  • Accept responsibility
  • Be respectful and grateful
  • Be willing to try new things
  • Protect confidentiality
  • Be open and honest

The mentor is expected to:

  • Be a positive role model through actions and words
  • Be a patient and engaged listener
  • Protect confidentiality
  • Offer constructive criticism and compliments
  • Give advice without dictating action
  • Be reliable
  • Be open and honest

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What Mentees Have to Say

“My mentor provides a diverse perspective as she comes from a different branch of engineering within my organization. She challenges me to step outside of my comfort zone to help me reach my full potential and make the most of my career. Through our conversations I have gained insight into many facets of Xerox and working for a corporation that otherwise might have taken years to discover.”
– Erin George, Xerographic Process Engineer

What Mentors Have to Say

“I had a great experience as a mentor in the TWA Mentoring program. I’ve always been an active mentor, but this program connected me with someone I would have been unlikely to meet otherwise. It was well-structured. The program created a situation where we had common expectations for the sessions and were able to be very effective.”
– Nancy Rees, Senior VP Lean Six Sigma

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed participating in the TWA mentoring program. As a manager, it provides me with an opportunity to meet with individuals in different areas of the business that I wouldn’t traditionally engage with. We have conversations that cover a broad range of topics—from how to grow the business to work/life balance—and everything in between.”
– Judith Novak, VP Finance and Business Operations, Production Systems Group

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