Into You Conference

Into You TWA Virtual Conference / Day of Learning | November 19th: 9am to 1:30pm EDT

Join us for a day of learning with TWA focused around the theme “Into You.” The goal is to provide you with content and opportunities to invest in yourself through professional and personal development activities.

The event will consist of:

  • Four speakers – 45-minute sessions
  • Interactivity throughout the sessions; worksheets / chat box / polls / breakouts, Q&A
  • Giveaways; books, gift cards, etc.

Get a preview of the session topics and speakers below!

Future You - Igniting Personal and Professional Goals - 9:15 - 10:00am EST

Presenter – Marcie Mueller, VP of Global Leadership at IMPACT Group

Marcie’s LinkedIn Profile

Jumpstart your personal strategy for growth and development by setting High IMPACT Goals.  Marcia Mueller, VP of Global Leadership at IMPACT Group, leads a dynamic session to help participants identify key areas to grow.  Learn a process for goal setting and action planning that creates momentum for  building new habits and achieving the results you seek.  A perfect start to The Women’s Conference, enabling you to plan ahead on ways to take action on the insights and key topics learned from conference speakers, breakout sessions, and peer discussions.

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Creating the Virtual You - 10:15 - 11:00am EST

Presenter: Kate Dunn, President of Evolve Sales Group, LLC

Kate’s LinkedIn Profile

Social media has become a critical resource for communicating with business associates, friends and family. But too much of a good thing, isn’t such a good thing. This session will help you define your own personal social media strategy, build a personal brand, demonstrate thought leadership that can open up new career opportunities and connect you with key customers and mentors. ​

​​​​​​​After this Program, you’ll be able to:​

    • Define how you will use each of the key platforms. ​
    • Develop your personal brand on LinkedIn that will help you connect with thought leaders, potential customers and customers. ​
    • Build credibility with authentic posts insight and perspective.

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Ever-changing You - 11:15 - 12:00pm EST

Presenter:  Phyllis Mikolaitis, President of Sales Training Solutions

Phyllis’ LinkedIn Profile

Things may be going smoothly now, but situations change, trends change, and you grow and change. With change comes the need to reinvent yourself. It can be the opportunity of a lifetime to achieve your full potential. This session will help you uncover your personal strengths, set achievable goals, take steps, and actions to reach your goals. You will also learn to recognize the obstacles and some measures to overcome them. You’ll hear Phyllis’ story, participate in activities and a question and answer session. The tools and guidance she’ll provide will bring you clarity and confidence to face the ever-changing challenges of life.

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Harmony within You – What My Shoes Taught Me About Finding Balance - 12:15 - 1:00pm EST

Presenter:  Karen Kimerer, Leader, K.L. Kimerer & Associates

Karen’s LinkedIn Profile

The structure of our modern-day world, means we’re working more hours than ever before.  The pandemic quickly blurred the lines between work and home with the adoption of work from anywhere.  Even with many returning to the office, the need to find harmony between homelife, play and work is notably a growing priority. Yet simply stating a priority won’t change a thing.  The challenge is to take action.

​​​​​​​Join this interactive session, with Karen Kimerer a wife, mom, business owner, industry analyst, and sales professional as she shares what not to do if you want to enjoy a harmonious life.  Her real-life examples and how her shoes played a key role in some much needed change are sure to cause a few laughs and will likely resonate.  You will leave with new insight and actionable steps you can take immediately to define your threshold and focus on what matters most.

Video Clip Preview of Session

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