For more than two decades, women at Xerox have joined hands in the Women’s Alliance to share ideas and support one another’s professional growth.

  • In that time the group has grown exponentially
  • It’s part of our vision for a richly diverse workforce
  • A purpose for which we’re recognized as one of the most progressive corporations in the world.
  • More than a thousand women from the company meet each year for networking, study and camaraderie at our Annual Women’s Conference.


Women at Xerox are recognized and valued at all levels of the corporation for their contributions and leadership


The Women’s Alliance is a catalyst to advance the personal and professional development of women at Xerox, enabling each of us to attain our goals.


Click TWA Canada to become a member of TWA Canada or Friends of TWA Canada to become a Friend of TWA Canada.

Xerox Canada Board

  • President, GTA Chapter and TWA Canada: MJ Bulmer
  • Past President, GTA Chapter and TWA Canada: Onnolee Boyce
  • Vice-President: OPEN
  • XCL Women’s Champion: Diane Smalley, VP of Innovation & Transformation
  • Charity Chair: OPEN
  • Membership Chair: Kathleen Taylor
  • Marketing and Communications Chair: Toni Lourenco
  • Creative Chair: Laci Armstrong
  • Treasurer: Carolyn Shulman
  • Webmaster/Agent Liaison: Jeri Knowles
  • Viscount Office Liaison: Meaghan Taylor
  • XRCC Liaison: Jenn Belelie
  • Head Office Liaisons: OPEN
  • Conference Liaison: OPEN
  • National Liaisons

    • Ottawa Liaison: Martha Howard
    • Montreal, QC Liaison:Luminita Donciu
    • Calgary/Edmonton Liaison:Nicole Montgomery
    • Saint John Chapter President: Nina Holec
    • Saint John Chapter Vice-President: Mary Stevenson
    • Halifax Chapter Co-Presidents: Jessica Leverman & Korinne MacLellan

    Membership Information

    Member – MembershipBrochure.pdf

    Executive – MembershipBrochure.pdf


    MANbassador – TWA Manbassador Brochure

    Mentorship Information

    Mentorship Program: MentoringBrochure _ 10.12

    TWA Webinars

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    Interested in becoming more involved with the TWA Canada?

    We are currently looking to fill the below open positions on the TWA Board of Directors. If you are interested in joining please reach out to

    Vice President
    Head Office Liason
    Charity Lead
    Agent Liason
    Conference Chair

    TWA Events

    Stay Tuned for more information!

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